Europe 2019 Gear Information

Required Gear:  
The Europe Trip required gear is now available for purchase.  Please make sure to add only one of the items shown on the page to the cart. You are only allowed to order multiple of the t-shirts if you chose to. We have created a bundle for the items needed for this trip.  Add the customization info and add bundle to cart after selecting the appropriate sizes.


Step 1: Only add customization info to Stripes Alternate Jersey (this is needed for processing order)
Step 2: At the bottom right of page, Select appropriate sizes for all items in bundle
Goalkeepers will order the RED/WHITE Stripe instead of the Black/White Stripe. 
Step 3:  Add bundle to cart to save (if you add items individually you will pay more than the bundle)
To order any additional t-shirts go to:
All orders must be placed by 6/16/18 in order to receive your items on time.  If you have any questions while placing your orders, do not hesitate to email us at or give us a call at


Recommendations from past trips: 

Bracelets - (10) to exchange with players from other countries

Water Bottle (Generic) -
Each player will also receive a complimentary Premier Tour shirts (Players will only get one of each of the complimentary item)


Please email us at if you have any questions or need additional information.  Thanks for your cooperation.
Sockers Store Staff
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