Nike Spine Pro Goalkeeper Gloves

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Every match, the goalie is a huge difference maker. A fingertip or a good read and jump on a shot can be the difference between a goal and a clear, a win and a loss, or a championship and a crushing defeat. With that in mind, one of the most important pieces of equipment for a keeper is their gloves.

The Nike Spyne Pro Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves are a great choice for any keeper that really thrives when using their hands to block shots as they rob their opponents of a goal opportunity. The T90 Spyne Finger Supports provide extra stability to keep your fingers from getting bent backwards by a hard shot while the 3 mm Super-Soft Latex foam enhances your grip while also dispersing the shock from a hard shot. The Pre-Curved Bio-Align Technology comfortably puts your hands in a position that has you ready to catch the ball, reducing the stress put on your hands. Complete with a wraparound wristband strap that makes it easy to adjust the fit in games to ensure a comfortable fit at all times, the Nike Spyne Pro Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves are a keeper's dream.